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Solids and liquids
Our class is beginning a scientific study of solids and liquids. We will observe the properties of many solids and liquids, comparing how different solids and liquids are alike and how they are different, organize the results of our inquiries, and communicate both orally and in writing the things we discover. These processes (observing, communicating, comparing, and organizing) are the basic thinking processes students need at this age to develop a scientific understanding of the world around them. 
Your child may ask you for help finding solids and liquids at home. You’ll want to discuss and compare the different characteristics of those you find. (For example, how are salt and sugar the same? How are they different?) You may find yourself observing what happens when solids and liquids are put together. Making lemonade or salad dressing can provide interesting observations when solids and liquids are mixed. Watching an ice cube melt is a way to observe a solid change to a liquid.